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Web Offset Presses
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Units Webs Cutoff Manufacturer Model Description
5 1 22.776" Hantscho M16

Roll Stand Stork Contiweb Type SH40-OP-1020

Units # 1-4  purchased New - Unit #5 was added after initial installation

Thermo Electron Dryer 

4 roll  chill 

Quad Tech RGS 4 Register system

WPC web guide at infeed

QTI 4000 Web guide after chills

45E Folder- bought new with initial press install

Vits Multicut sheeter 38

GMI Ink fountains

GMI Micro Color 2 color console

GMI Closed loop Color system

Blanket Washers

Prefolder before sheeter 


8 2 22.750" Heidleberg Harris M130

Butler 1.5-40-12 Tandem Splicer with 50" roll capacity

T23 Double Web Infeed with QTI Infeed Web Guides

8 - Heidelberg Harris Print Units with Duotrol Dampening

Telecolor II Remote Ink and AWS Ink Levelers

MegTec Air Turns

US Automation Web Detectors

QTI Model 2500 Web Severers

QTI RGS IV X Auto Register System

2 - MEGTEC Coanda Plus 271 Dryers

2 - 4 Roll HCR4 Chill Rolls

2 - QTI Web Guide 2000 Outfeed Web Guides

2 - QTI Silicone Coater 2000

1 - Scheffer Pattern Perforator

1 - Goss 45A Automated Push-button Change Over Combination Folder for Magazine, Tabloid and Double Digest Folds

1 - Heidelberg Harris Double Former Folder

1 - Circulator w mixer

1 - Vibrator Cooler Unit

Optional L&E TAN RTO Unit is also available

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