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PN Manufacturer Description
AWS AWS Pollution Control Chart Recorder, Complete Box, AWS
849/VPR/R1 TEC Eurotherm Display 849/VPR/R1////(AE162) , Web Temp (Null or Differential), TEC 
849/VPR/R1 TEC Eurotherm Display 849/VPR/R1/0/0/0/(AE165)/AF137//, Air Temp  TEC 
2208E TEC Eurotherm Display 2208e/CC/DH/RU/RW/RF/XX/2XX/ENG/J/32/800/F/XX/XX/PD, Air Temp  TEC 
2208E TEC Eurotherm Display 2208e/CC/DH/RU/RW/RF/XX/2XX/ENG/A/80/400/F/XX/XX/PD, Web Temp (Null or Differential) TEC 
842/010000// TEC Eurotherm Display 842/0/1/0/0/0/0/(AJF000)//, Catalytic Outlet Temp, TEC PN#126099 TEC 
847 TEC Eurotherm Display 847/R1/R1/RI/QL/(AJHF224)//, Catalytic Input Temp TEC 
Type K 316 TEC Thermo Couple, Type K 24" (NEW) TEC 
Type T J38012U-00-32 TEC Thermo Couple, Type T 12", TEC P/N#J38012U-00-32 TEC 
122836 TEC / Raytek IR Sensor, Raytek Model RAYET3LTSF for Dryer and Pollution TEC 
  YOKOGAWA Strip Chart Recorder, Tractor Feed Syle

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