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Manufacturer PN Horsepower Description
Allen-Bradley 1395 100 DC Controller, Cat No. 1395-B76-C3-P10-P50-X1, 74.6KW/100HP, AC Input Field:

Volts380/415/460, Max Amps 20, 1PH, 50/60HZ, AC Input Armature  Volts380/415/460, Max Amps 147, 3PH, 50/60HZ

DC Output-Field Volts 250/270/300, Max Amps 20, DC Output-Armature Volts 400/400/500, Max Amps 180, 
Allen-Bradley 1395 175 DC Controller, CAT No 1395-AR-1B-A260-FG1-CG1-LH-AH-SA-DA-FMA-D2A-N1B-AX, AC Input Field: 460, 20A, 50/60Hz, AC Input Arm. 460, 233.3A, DC Output Field, 300, 20A,DC Output  Arm 500 260A
Allen-Bradley 1395 250 DC Controller, CAT No 1395-B80-E1-P30, AC Input Field: 380/415/460, 40A, 50/60Hz, AC Input Arm. 380/415/460, 361A, DC Output Field, 250/270/300, 40A,DC Output  Arm 400/400/500 442A, 186.5KW/ 250HP
Baldor ID5601-WO 1 AC Drive, wash down duty drive 115/208 VAC, 50/60Hz Output: 0-230 VAC, 0-50, 60/100, 120Hz, 3.6 RMS Amps/Phase (Available with Marathon 1HP Motor & Falk 40:1 Gear Box)
Baumuller 8823731 H   Drive, Fits Goss Heidelberg #HM 9E.188.1331
Control Techniques UNI1405 5 Control Techniques UNI1405 AC Drive.  Input 380/480V, 10.0A, Output 380/480V 9.5A. Software Version 03.02.12
Cutler Hammer AF 95 50 Cutler Hammer AF95 Adjustable Frequency AC Drive, 50HP, 15-330-716
Dart 253G-200E   DC Motor Speed Control Input, 250 Series 
Fincor 2200 S 1 Fincor 2200 S, 1 HP DC Motor Controller, AC Line Voltage: 230VAC, AC Line Amps: 8.8A, DC Arm Amps: 5.5
Fincor 2400 MKII / 2401 1 Fincor 2400 MKII Model 2401 w/ 1072A option
Fincor   2 AC Motor Speed Control 115/230 VAC, 17/15.8A, 2HP/1HP Max 
Fincor   2 AC Motor Speed Control 115/230 VAC, 17/15.8A, 2HP/1HP Max 
Fincor 2200P05011A 12 DC Drive, 12HP, 115VAC, Adjustable Speed, Stock B/M 104204704, Model 2200P05011A (NEW)
Fincor Series 2200   DC Drive, Fincor 104230001-H, 2200 Series Single Phase Adjustable Speed Regenerative DC Motor Controller, (Used for Hantscho Mark Series Ink Balls) Rockwell Goss Part Number AHP04351490 (NEW)
Focus 1 2400-8000W 0.25 DC Drive, 1/4HP @120VAC, 1/2HP@240VAC, Variable Speed/Direction
KB Electronics KBPC-240D (9338)   DC Motor Speed Control Input 115/230 Output 0-90/180 DC 10.2 Amps
KB Penta 9451 3 DC Motor Control, DC Variable Speed,1/100-3/4, 1-1.5HP, 1/50-1.5, 2-3HP (NEW)
Minarik MM23011C 0.25 DC Drive Input 115/230 50/60 2A, ARM 0-90,0-180VDC 1.3A, Field 100/200VDC
Minarik MM301U 2 DC Drive  Input 115/230  50/60 10A, Armature 0-90/0-180 VDC, 10A, Field 100/200VDC 1 A  (Also used on Hantscho Chill Harmonic Drive)
Siemens A1-106-110-503   Siemens SIMOREG Microporcessor DC Drive, Part Number A1-106-110-503, Max Input 460/230VAC 3PH, Max Output 500/240VDC 123 AMPs, Shunt Field 300/150VDC 9A DC.
SLO-SYN / Superior SS2000MD7-100   DC Drive, Input 24-75 VDC, 4 Amps DC (Also used on QTI Motorized Folder Slitter)

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