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FlowTech Ink Levelers
(Automatic Ink Leveling System)



Ink Leveling Systems
FlowTech Ink Leveler
3 Year Warranty!

Having a consistent ink level in the fountain is paramount for high-quality printing.  Without a consistent level, color fidelity will suffer as dot gains vary throughout the print run.

The Discover Graphics FlowTech Ink Leveling System design is the best selling and most reliable Ink Leveler in North America over the past ten years.  The one-piece design offers quick hassle-free installation that requires no external controls, valves or cabling.

The FlowTech installs in minutes with its uniquely designed clamp-on brackets and quick-disconnect fittings.  Conversely, the system can be easily removed in seconds to facilitate fountain cleaning and print unit maintenance.

FlowTech is easy to use.  The operator selects either manual fill or automatic fill from the control station located directly on the FlowTech’s ink manifold.  Power and fill lights prominently display the status of the system.  When in automatic, FlowTech will maintain the ink height in the fountain to +/- .125”.

FlowTech’s proven design offers years of dependable service.  We are so sure of it, we back it with a three-year warranty—the best in the industry.  Put FlowTech to work in your pressroom today!


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Call or write today for your FlowTech Ink Leveler quote.  Please specify press type, web width, and the number of ink fountains that are to be controlled.

Quick Disconnects and Swivel Connectors
for easy installation and removal of manifold
from ink fountain.

Sensor rotates out of the way and turns
off system.

Easy to use operator control station.

Easy mount brackets eliminate drilling
and make installation easy.



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